Bonlife Sacha Inchi Oil (500mg x 60 Vege Softgels)

Good news ~ PLANT BASED OMEGA 3-6-9.
Sacha Inchi is hailed as the ‘truffle of nuts’ for its rich umami flavor. But even more amazing is its nutritional content. This super seed, which grows in the pristine rainforest regions of Southeast Asia. This super seed, with a pleasantly mild nutty taste, it contains a well-balanced ratio of Omega-3, -6, -9 and a high concentration of Vitamin E, K1.




Benefits of Bonlife’s Organic Sacha Inchi Oil:

1. Helps in The Three Highs of Blood.
2. Heart Health– improves Blood circulation. All of this makes for a healthier, happier, less stressed cardiovascular system, from arteries to heart and beyond.
3. Blood Sugar- Omega 3 helps control glucose levels. Omega 3 also lowers triglyceride levels, which are often high in people with High Sugar Levels.
4. Bolster Immune System
5. Balanced ratio of Omega 6:Omega 3. Plant-based Omega 3:6:9
6. Boost Brain Function
7. Vegetarian is suitable to consume
8. Contains Vitamin K1
9.Contains antioxidant such as Vitamin E

*This is a traditional medicine. Take 1-2 softgels daily after meal.
MAL 20116100T

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