Purenat 5D Goat’s Milk Powder

Why Bonlife Purenat 5D Senior?

  • First goat’s milk powder for seniors in Malaysia that scientifically formulated with:
  • 5D – the key ingredients for muscle strengthening, joint mobility and flexibility
  • Specially added L-Theanine for mind calming support
  • 12x MORE source of Calcium for bone strengthening
  • High in Magnesium to promote calcium absorption
  • 3x MORE source of protein for tissue building and repairing
  • Milk derived from grass-fed goats from The Netherlands, certified by COKZ
  • No added sugar
  • No preservative, no artificial colouring




Purenat 5D Goat’s Milk Powder

Benefits of Purenat 5D Senior:

Turmeric Extract
– Effective in the treatment of certains autoimmune diseases e.g. rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, ulcerative colitis (8)
– Powerful anti-inflammatory effects
– Relieve inflammatory arthritis symptoms e.g. pain, stiffness, swelling etc.
– Strong antioxidant
– Fight against free radical and protect from cellular damage
– Major active ingredients in turmeric
– Contains about 95% curcuminoids

– Promotes relaxation by reducing stress and anxiety levels without causing drowsiness
– May improve cognitive functions (9,10)
– Non-protein amino acids
– Stimulates activity in the alpha frequency band in brain

Boswellia Extract (11,12)
– Effective anti-inflammatory agent
– Prevent the formation of leukotrienes in the body
– Improve inflammatory arthritis symptoms e.g. pain, stiffness, swelling etc.

Aquamin F Calcium
– Build and maintain strong bones
– Help in muscle contraction
– Regulate normal heart rhythms and nerve functions

Ca-HMB (5,6)
– Prevent age-related muscle loss
– A leucine metabolite
– Support tissue building & improve muscle strength

Prebiotics (Acacia Gum & Fructooligosaccharide (FOS)) (7)
– Support the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut
– Known as a good source of soluble, dietary fiber
– Prevent or reduce the occurrence of constipation
– Enhance immunity

Goat Milk (1,2)
– Highly digestible
– Smaller fat globules and 23.6% more A2 β-casein than cow’s milk
– High in Minerals and Calcium
– Excellent source of calcium, magnesium, potassium – Contains immunoprotein (Albumin, Lactalbumin & Lactoferrin)
– Enhance immunity
– Produced through the spray-drying hygienic process – Retain its nutrients and freshness
– Suitable for lacto-vegetarians

Organic Soy Milk
– Lower cholesterol
– Promote healthy heart
– Complete protein profile (contains all the essential amino acids which only can be found in diet)
– Rich in isoflavones
– A type of plant estrogen (phytoestrogen)
– Ease symptoms of menopause e.g. hot flashes (3)
– Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids which helps to
– Promotes brain health (e.g. Reduced risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease) (4)

Key Ingredients:
Goat Milk Powder, Organic Soy Milk, Aquamin F Calcium, Fructooligosaccharides (FOS), Acacia Gum, HMB-Ca, Curcumin Extract, L-Theanine, Boswellia Extract

Suitable for:
Senior 50+, especially for those who care about bones & joints health. People with poor sleeping quality or in tension life. Active persons. People with a sensitive stomach, poor digestion, malnutrition, gastric ulcers. Suitable for lacto-vegetarians. People with cow’s milk allergy and with lactose intolerance.

Direction of use:
Mix 1 sachet of Purenat 5D with 200mL of warm water.
Recommended serving: 2

Packing Size:
15 sachets x 25g

Certified from:
-ISO 9001
-Product Liability Insurance up to 1 Million

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