Greenfood Herbal Tea Lite

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Bonlife GreenFood Herbal Tea Lite is a diet specially formulated with natural herbal ingredients to help your weight loss. By using modern science and technology, we mix the best natural herbal ingredients to produce the highest quality slimming tea.

Herbal Tea Lite is not only refreshing, it can also effectively assist your slimming diet plan, and it is also convenient to drink.

Herbal Tea Lite is specially formulated for slimming people with natural herbal ingredients. After a big meal, you can take a cup of Herbal Tea Lite to help detoxify and promote digestion.
Natural ingredients, without any drugs or chemicals.

Herbal Tea-Lite is traditionally used to reduce body weight.

**100% Herbal. No Drugs, No chemicals. No Phentermine, No Fenfluramine, Simply All natural.




Semen Cassia Tora L
Flos Chrysanthemum Indicum L
Flos Lonicera Japonica Thunb
Fructus Citrus Aurantium
Herba Mentha Arvensis L
Radix Glycyrrhiza Uralensis Frsch
Folium Cassia Senma L

Benefits of Herbal Tea Lite:
-Detox. A clean colon is important for weight stabilization
-Improve the digestive system
-Helps to lose weight without causing any discomfort or diarrhea
-Clean liver and improve eyesight
-Intestinal laxative
-Can reduce the absorption of cholesterol through excretion

Suitable for:
People who are prone to constipation and weight control.

Direction of use:
Steep 1 packet of Herbal Tea-Lite in a cup of boiling water for 2-5 minutes.
Drink 2 times a day (morning and evening) for better results.

Packing Size:
2Boxes x 26 Teabags x 3gm (Twin pack)

KKM registration number:

Certified from:
-ISO 9001
-Product Liability Insurance up to 1 Million

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*Please take not delivery process takes 3-5 working days

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