Vta C On The Go C5x (Powder)

Vitamin C is also called ascorbic acid. It is quickly absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract. After absorption, vitamin C will be distributed in different tissues of the body, and will be stored in the pituitary gland, adrenal glands, kidneys, spleen, liver, pancreas and thymus.

Some animals can synthesize vitamin C by themselves in their bodies, but the human body cannot synthesize it and must be ingested from food. Daily intake of 100-200 mg of vitamin C from food can meet the needs of the average person’s body and reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

*No added preservatives, no chemical additives, no coloring and no flavoring agents.




A case-control study published by the Ministry of Health in Malaysia revealed that the death rate among patients who not receiving high dose Vitamin C is 71.4%, which is much higher than those who received high dose Vitamin C during treatment (14.3%) [1]

An article published by Cambridge University Press on behalf of The Nutrition Society suggested that taking the optimal intake of vital nutrients for immunity within one week before and after vaccination can have a better response. These nutrients including Vitamin C,D and Zinc [2]. Besides, bioflavonoids can help in better Vitamin C absorption into our bodies.

Bonlife Vitamin C On the Go consists of important nutrients (Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Zinc, Citrus Bioflavonoid) to strengthen and improve immunity, to create strong protection to fight against infection.

To provide the sweetness, inulin instead of sugar is added in Vitamin C On the Go that is good for diabetic patients to control their glycemic status and improve lipid profile.

Pure vitamin C form (L-ascorbic acid) is used instead of sodium ascorbate (which contains sodium) and therefore is the best fit for people with hypertension.

*No added sugar, preservatives, no chemical additives, no colouring and no flavouring agents.

Vitamin C 1000mg, Zinc 5mg, Vitamin D3 100IU, Citrus Bioflavonoids 10mg, Vitamin E 25IU, Inulin 20mg

Benefits of Vitamin C
Vitamin C
-Improve immunity
-Strong antioxidant effect
-Lack of it will cause scurvy
-People with scurvy are extremely vulnerable to potentially fatal infections, such as pneumonia
-Vitamin C deficiency is common in those COVID-19 patients in severe condition [3]

-Plays many vital roles in your body, including growth and development, learning performance, bone production, blood coagulation and reproduction health
– Helps in wound healing
– Protect from inflammation stress
– An essential mineral in various immune functions
– Potential to fight against SARS-CoV-2 (Enhanced recovery from COVID-19, better vaccination responses) [4][5]

Vitamin D3:
– Important elements for bone, nerve and muscle health by maintaining calcium and phosphorus level
– Essential in maintaining and strengthening the immune system
– Potential role in the prevention and progression of COVID-19
– One of the essential vitamins needed during this pandemic [3][4][5]

Citrus Bioflavonoids (Hesperidin):
-Usually combined with vitamin C
-Improve vascular conditions and poor blood circulation. Poor blood circulation will slow down the oxygen transport to cells and your body may not work properly with low oxygen levels.
-May help to prevent coronaviruses from multiplication [6]

Vitamin E:
-Effective fat-soluble antioxidant to prevent too much oxidation happens in your body
-Found higher concentration in immune cells than other body cells
-Play vital roles in immune function such as help in T cell and antibodies production [7]
-Prevent hemolytic anaemia by stabilizing red blood cells

– A type of dietary fiber
– Act as a prebiotic and help to feed and increase the good gut bacteria. A good gut health can provides various other health benefits
– Improve digestive health, prevent constipation [8]
– Help to improve blood sugar control, and reduce insulin resistance [9]
– May help in weight loss [10]

Lemon Orange

Adult of all ages. Suitable for people with weakened immune system and those who want to strengthen their immunity.

Direction of use:
Mix 1 sachet with 500ml temperature water,stir well and drink. Consume once daily before meal.

Packaging size:
30 sachets x 3g

Certified from:
-ISO 9001
-Product Liability Insurance up to 1 Million

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