Mom-To-Be Sample Kit

Bonlife Purenat Mom is giving away 300 sets of【Mom-To-Be Sample Kit】,with only RM15 shipping fees, you are able to bring【Mom-To-Be Sample Kit】that worth RM100+ back home includes 2 sachets of Purenat Mom, Quantum-Ion Mask, ISANI Skin Health Bar and Babylove BB ICE Reusable Ice Pack. Limited first 100 sets for Kindee(1 Bottle of Repellent Lotion 30ml + 1 Bottle Top to Toe 30ml). You also stand a chance to win over free gifts worth RM800 !
Bonlife Purenat Mom Maternal & Lactating Goat Milk Powder
vital nutrients required during pregnancy and lactation period. Besides, Bonlife Purenat MOM contains no trans fat and no added sugar, which is the best choice for you to control your maternal weight gain and blood sugar level well, thereby prevent from getting Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM).
QUANTUM-ION MASK is a high quality 3 Ply reusable mask powered by Quantum-ION antimicrobial coating technology.
The World’s First “Quantum Resonance Hybrid Nano Formulation” mask, combining the effects of Titanium Dioxide.
ISANI Skin Health Bar
ISANI Skin Health Bar is suitable for all skin types and age groups especially for baby & mom. It is formulated with natural ingredients from Europe and pH balance controlled. This is 100% safe for baby and works well for Face , Hair and Body also Dermatitis such as milk rash & Eczema. It takes only 1-3 minutes to improve the skin per session. Simple and easy !
Babylove BB ICE Reusable Ice Pack
to most of the other ice packs in the market. This is because it used a thicker and better quality of plastic casing. Besides, the gel would not melt or liquefy, thus it will not contaminate the breastmilk. Meanwhile, it is ideal to used with cooler bags and it is tested to store breastmilk up to 14 hours. Furthermore, it is also ideal to place 2 to 3 Babylove BB Ice Pack in the cooler bag for optimal result (depends on the size of the cooler bag).
Kindee(1 Bottle of Repellent Lotion 30ml + 1 Bottle Top to Toe 30ml) Limited First 100 Sets Only
uality. There are four product categories offering like skincare, mosquito repellent, sanitizer and oral care and moms love the products because it comes with a natural relaxing scent from Lavender & Orange Essential Oil. KINDEE products are hypoallergenic, suitable for newborns, children and anyone with normal to sensitive skin. Try KINDEE now to give full protection to your kids and family.

Lucky Draw Value up to RM 800+

Babylove Lion Playpen c/w Dropside & Mosq Net
Babylove Lion Playpen uniquely designed with Dropside, which provide convenience for parents to lower down the side and easy to carry the precious one. The Playpen come with full-length Mosquito Net, Hanging Soft-Toy and a Travel Bag. Thus, it is ideal to use in home and for travel purposes. Besides, the playpen’s do come with a side pocket, which allowed you to place things such as blanket, tissue, handkerchief and other essentials. Meanwhile, the playpen’s weight capacity is approximately 25kgs! In addition, the playpen travel bag has 2 hole for the wheels, thus you can move your playpen just like a luggage! Furthermore, the mesh fabric surrounding the playpen is able to provide your baby a great air-ventilation playing and sleeping environment. It also enable you to see through and monitor your baby easily.
Babylove Foldable Baby Bath Tub
​This bath tub design holds baby for comfort bathing. Also, tight drain plug for quick, complete water drainage. Importantly, portable collapsible bath tub is designed to store away easily to save space at home; the fold away design makes storage easy without compromising a full size tub for your child. You can hang it for space-saving storage or on the shower head for drying. For safety purpose, the bath tub has a special feature! The heat sensor plug that prevents overheating, so it will turn into white colour when the temperature is too hot.

Limited 300 sets only, first come first serve

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