In 2020, the whole world is affected by the Covid -19 crisis. During these trying times we at Bonlife would like to help the people around us.

In traditional Chinese medicine the lingzhi has a valuable role in improving ones immune system and general health.

We at Bonlife too believe that lingzhi can boost one’s immune system, longevity and reduce allergies. However, lingzhi is not easily available and even when available most people do not know how to extract the beneficial properties of the lingzhi.

Our Director has come up with a convenient and easy to consume form of lingzhi called Lingzhi Liquid Extract.

Bottles of these Lingzhi Liquid Extract were distributed to neighbours and friends in our and some out of State communities for free.

To date, we have given away almost 10 thousand bottles of this Lingzhi Liquid Extract and we hope to continue giving to help more people boost their immune system and improve their general health. Medical professionals have said that one of the best ways to avoid being seriously ill is to have a strong immune system.

Bonlife hopes to do what we can to help our countrymen during this critical period.

Bonlife- Art of Balance Living

Bonlife had participated in the cancer awareness campaign Bald and Beauty 3.0 at Eco Ardence Setia Alam on October 6. We are here to encourage all of you to participate the meaningful of the activities. Throughout this activity, they can also learn that cancer can be avoided and prevent it with develop good living habits.

Bonlife将在10月6日,星期六在Eco Ardence Setia Alam参加癌症醒觉运动《光头与美3.0》,在此呼吁大家踊跃参与,希望借助这个活动,大家也能够了解到癌症是可以避免和预防。在此, 希望大家能够适当的”养生“以及养成良好的生活习惯。

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