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Bonlife (M) Sdn Bhd is a trusted name in the local organic industry. We have a passion to promote healthy living. The company believes in the importance of a living a balanced lifestyle with organic food products. We also believe in nurturing our environment into a better place for our future generation.

Our mission is to enable everyone to enjoy reasonably-priced, healthy organic food. Hence we set to produce the highest quality organic milk powder at a very affordable price with eco-friendly materials.

In the span of more than 10 years, Bonlife has grown into one of the leading players, promoting and offering affordable, high quality organic products. With this we have successfully positioned our brand to be of superior quality. We build our reputation on this.

Today, our products can be widely found in all major supermarket chains such as , Cold Storage, Village Grocer, Big Chain Pharmacies like Caring, AA, BIG Pharmacy, chinese medical hall and organics retail throughout Malaysia.

The tagline takes inspiration from how our products help people live a balanced life. It’s about bringing the best of what nature has to offer, to the community around us.
About Us
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